Still using YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia video players on your website?
Just released! vooPlayer 4.0 with Guaranteed Smooth HD Playback and 39+ New Features
The operating system for video marketing.
Abandon your current video player for your business to evolve!
Introducing the NEW vooPlayer™ 4.0 – Request free early access today.
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Finally! A Complete New Suite of Sophisticated
Video Marketing Tools in One Unified System
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Create An Entire Video Marketing Funnel INSIDE Any Video In Just 4 Simple Steps
There's Over 7.2 BILLION Videos on YouTube and Vimeo Alone Just Waiting To Be Monetized...
Enter a URL or Host it!
Use ANY video link from YouTube, Vimeo, S3, Dropbox, Facebook or your own server. You can even host it on our rock-solid, cloud-based servers at no extra cost.
Add superpowers
There's a LOT to choose from. Timed Opt-in boxes, buttons, overlays, share gates, tap to call icons and far more... scroll down the page to see the incredible firepower vooPlayer gives you.
Publish your video
Publish your video anywhere you can think of. On Facebook, WordPress or your own web site with just a click of a button.
Get valuable insights
See EXACTLY how your viewers react. vooPlayer gives you the data and split testing power Wistia users wish they had...with heatmaps, viewing trends, engagement graphs, regional breakdown and more.
All New Updates for 2017
Included When You Request Early Access Now

Video Recording

Start recording at Full HD within the app at the touch of a button from your screen or webcam

Pre-roll & Post-roll Ads

Display a video message or an ad at the beginning or the end of the video

Custom Start/End Points

Specify the start and end point of your video without wasting time messing with video editing tools

Outgoing SMTP

We can send emails on your behalf or use your custom SMTP credentials

Video Floating

Have your video play as your users scroll on your website, so they never miss a second


Shows your videos in a beautiful and modern playlist design

Localization / Translation

Translate the entire app to another language with just a few clicks

20+ integrations

vooPlayer plays nice with the apps and autoresponders you already use


Bend vooPlayer to your will with well-documented APIs so developers can get their geek on

Pre-made Video Skins

Change the skin of the player with a click of a button

Video Permissions

Allow users to download your videos, password-protect them or make them play on certain domains only.  Your choice!

Pay Per View

Lock your video at any given point and turn your videos into cash-pulling machines by asking the viewers to pay to continue watching. It works with PayPal and Stripe

Multiple Opt-ins

Add multiple opt-in forms on a single video

Captions / Subtitles 

Captions make it easy for viewers to digest the content of your videos. They are also helpful for educational content in any language.

Turbo Bandwidth

When you upload a video to vooPlayer we create multiple derivatives to ensure the smoothest playback. We want your video to play in as many environments as possible

Global Search

Search all your videos, groups and playlists all in one step

Enhanced Analytics

Video group analysis, viewer heatmaps, analytics by device, user profiles, etc.

User Profiles

User profiles are auto-populated and include social media profiles that are associated with their email addresses
Audience Builder

Unlimited Audience Segments

The more audience data and insights you have, the better you’re equipped to deliver meaningful messages to people. That’s the thinking behind vooPlayer Audience Segments.

Advanced Filters

Filter audience data by video watched percentage, device type, funnel answers and more. User profiles are auto-populated and include social media profiles that are associated with their email addresses. 

Email Automation

Broadcast emails right on the spot or schedule drip campaigns to be sent at a later time.

Export to CSV

Your audience data is exported easily in CSV format so you can analyze and import them to your favorite apps.
Video Funnels

Branch Logic / Conditional System

Branch Logic gives you the ability to say “If someone answers ‘Yes’ to Question 1, show them page or video A, but if they answer “No” to Question 1, show them page or video B next." 


Specify a price value for each answer and create complex prices calculation for your products or services (formulas)


Rules is one of the most powerful features in the new Video Funnels module. You can use Rules to build a series of “if-then” statements that control what happens after the video survey is submitted.

Share Funnels

If you're a developer or consultant that sets up websites and videos for clients, then you'll fall in love with this. Simply create a funnel and share it with your clients for profit.

Segment your leads with surveys

Create video surveys, segment leads based on their interests, and automatically send the data to your favorite Autoresponder or CRM!

Funnel Analysis

View your users answers and pinpoint exactly their needs and desires. Use advanced filtering and exporting options.


Switch to the Publish tab, and you’ll see three different options for using your survey: direct link, embedded code and lightbox option
Data Migration

Wistia & YouTube Importer

Transfer your videos from Wistia and YouTube over to vooPlayer. Our importer lets you import all of your videos with just one click. 

Find & Replace Script

Worried about broken video links before you cancel your accounts with other providers? Upload a small file to your website and let the script make it super easy for you.
Sub-Clients Management

Resell licenses on demand

Get white label rights to resell vooPlayer as your own software and cash in on the secret to making 6 figures a year or more online 

New Sub-Clients Management

Manage your sub-clients with ease. Set your prices for selling SMS and bandwidth and generate profits.

Custom Domains

Point any custom domain or sub-domain to your vooPlayer for complete branding control. vooPlayer is not mentioned anywhere.

Design/Branding control

Customize the look and feel of vooPlayer to match your site with your own logo. Customize the email templates and more.
... And that's just the START of what vooPlayer can do for you...
New to vooPlayer? Still using YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia?
Here's what other essential features are included:

A/B Video Split Testing for Facebook

With vooPlayer, you can give any 2 videos a single link and paste that straight into your website, Facebook page, group or profile.  50% see video A, 50% see video B. Test for play rate, engagement, social activity and optins...  vooPlayer will automatically show the winner. 

Automated Streaming Display™

Nothing rocks conversions like the urgency of a video playing LIVE. With vooPlayer’s Smart-Date technology, you can set up videos to play at certain dates and times on complete autopilot. 

Hybrid Video Cloud-Hosting™ 

Stream videos directly from popular external sources such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Dropbox and more... without the video hosting fees. 

Watch & Win Contests™

Force viewers to watch your videos from start to finish, bribe them and virally grow your business... all at the same time!

Remarketing Intelligence™ for Videos

Retarget only the people who’ve watched a certain percentage of your video but didn’t buy ...and RECOVER lost sales!

SMS Gate™

Force viewers to enter and verify their phone number in order to watch or continue watching your video and get HOT VERIFIED leads for SMS marketing.
... And that's just the START of what vooPlayer can do for you...

Timed Opt-In Boxes

Add a gorgeous opt-in overlays at any time during your video to capture e-mails and build your list fast.

Share-Gates for Traffic

Someone wants to see your awesome video, they’ve got to share it first.  You can even customize the message to tailor it to your video and get whole new waves of viral traffic headed your way.

Opt-in Gate for Leads

Force people to opt-in from INSIDE the video before they can watch it!

Custom HTML to add Live Chat, Forms, etc.

Add and show almost any custom element inside your video such as images, buttons, HTM/CSS, Javascript.

Timed Buttons & CTAs

Add a clickable BUY button during any part of your video to get more visitors to your offer page.  Works with any image/button you want and can be clickable or not clickable.

Insert 'Tap to Call' 

With so much video being consumed on mobile, you can insert a "Tap to Call" icon and the phone number you want your prospect to call.
Complete Player Customization
  Change the look and feel of the video player to match your own brand.
Smart Play™
Ensure visitors don't miss a second of your video. It triggers video auto-pause if video is not visible in their browser.
Social Sharing Buttons
Let your visitors spread your video on the 3 leading social media sharing sites: Facebook, Twitter, Google+.
Intelligent Playback™
  Autoplay on every visit or only the first time... and even have your video resume at the point a visitor left
Auto-generate Thumbnails
Generate thumbnails with just a click. No time-wasting trying to manually capture and upload an image.
Auto-Adjust Logic™
  How many times have you needed to place a video on a sidebar or placeholder that required you to know the EXACT height and width?  How annoying is that!  Not any more.
Pulsating Play Button
It's easy for a video to go unnoticed, especially if there's a lot of content on a page...but it's really hard to go unnoticed if you enable this option because the play button will be pulsating until it's clicked.
Mass video importer™
  Got a bunch of videos you want imported but don’t want to manually change their settings one by one? The Mass Import feature has you covered.  
Video Groups
Segment, organize and add videos in different groups and have full control of what is where. Perfect if you manage clients or if you're selling products in multiple markets.
Logo Masking
Found a great video online but has a logo in it that might distract your viewers? Just choose the "Logo" and put yours on top of it.
Video Conversion
Upload your video and our advanced conversion technology will convert it into a web and mobile ready format.
Video Security
vooPlayer protects your video files by automatically hiding the video URL from source code making it impossible for others to rip, share or download your videos.
... Publish Your Videos Anywhere... Facebook, WordPress or Your Own Server
With the Click of a Button.

Publish it on Facebook

Most vooPlayer features work on Facebook...that means you can collect leads and generate traffic and sales all within the Facebook news feed.

Wordpress Integration

Install the vooPlayer WordPress plugin and easily connect your vooPlayer account to any WordPress site, without any technical skills needed. Once connected, you can add videos with 1 click to your posts/pages.

Embed It Anywhere!

Simply copy and paste the embed code onto any web page and reap the powerful features of vooPlayer. It works with all platforms.
See Video Insights & Analytics In Real-Time
X-Ray Vision to see exactly how viewers react while they're watching your videos.
Make better video content decisions & watch your profits and conversions soar.
See How vooPlayer Stacks Up Against the Rest…

Created with Compare Ninja

Here are just a few examples of how you can use vooPlayer:
  • Bring more traffic to your website using Social Gates
  • Bribe viewers to watch your videos until the end and get viral traffic
  • Turn videos you didn't make into lead generation machines
  • Turn videos into cash-pulling machines with Pay-Per-View feature
  • Send your viewers to other relevant videos based on their answers
  • Redirect visitors to other pages as soon as they watch the video
  • Discover who has been watching your videos and for how long
  • Discover how visitors react to longer or shorter videos
  • Impress your clients or colleagues with visual insights
  • Reveal your visitor's pattern when viewing the video
  • Remove or rethink ignored content in your videos
  • See how your audience is responding to different content
  • Create videos without the need to pay for high levels of bandwidth
  • Create video players for online courses and sales promotion (VSLs)
  • Auto expire videos once played
  • Embed and play videos without pause button
  • One stop shop that covers all your video needs instead of relying on 4 different pieces of software
  • Capture email addresses and phone numbers within Facebook
  • Publish videos now or schedule them to play... like whenever!
  • Stream videos directly from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or Dropbox
  • Run automated, timed webinars from any video.
  • Remove YouTube logo and other distractions (ads, related videos)
  • Serve your S3 files using an HTML5 player with a full set of features
  • Make your phone ring more often with "Tap to Call Me" icons
  • Password-protect your videos for private sharing
  • Make it nearly impossible for others to download your videos
  • Watch how fast your email list grows while using Opt-In Gates
  • Attract waves of viral traffic with "Share-To-Watch" gates
  • Recover LOST sales with video retargeting
  • Collect verified phone numbers from HOT leads using the SMS Lock
  • Build drip campaigns and engage with your audience
  • Cleverly frame and overlay video offers with sophisticated CTAs
  • Pipe your viewing data into the tools you already love
  • Display ANY element to appear strategically, as your video plays - Like buttons, images, forms, live chat, HTML/CSS, Javascript, etc.
Common Questions & Answers
When can I start using the new vooPlayer?
Expect an email within the next few days. You'll get notified via email.  Just sign up now!
What will happen to the old version?
If you are a current user the old user interface of vooPlayer (v3) will be available indefinitely, however you will not be able to create new videos from it. To create a new video, you will need to use the new interface (v4). 

Videos for the old version will be supported until August 15th, 2017.  After that time they will still play indefinitely but will not be supported. What that means is they will still play on your websites, but if you are having a problem with a feature or something isn't working as expected, our support team will ask you to recreate the video on v4.
Do I have to re-install the embed codes on my website?
Your videos will still play but we strongly recommend you start using the new version of vooPlayer. Also, we're planning to provide a way to MOVE all of your videos from v3 to v4 with an export/import script, as well as a Find & Replace script to help you replace old videos on your website.
How does it compare to other providers such as Wistia?
Wistia is a great product, there is no doubt about it.  But if you compare the marketing features offered with vooPlayer along with the investment, and compare them to Wistia, we believe our product is superior.
What about speed and uptime reliability?
As a vooPlayer Enterprise customer, speed and reliability will be something you don't need to worry about. We use the latest in cloud storage and delivery from some of the most reliable providers in the world. It's scalable and it's reliable, and we guarantee 99% uptime or more.
Can I host the videos myself?
Yes! You have full control over your videos. You host your videos, we host the video player on our beastly dedicated servers in the cloud. Moreover, you can always host the videos on vooPlayer's cloud servers without any limitations if you wish.
Who owns the data / content / subscribers?
You do! Any content (including your users) is 100% owned by you. vooPlayer doesn't have permission to use that content or contact your users for any reason. vooPlayer is just a tool for YOU to publish and analyze YOUR videos!
When was vooPlayer founded? Where are you based?
vooPlayer is owned by IMW Enterprises Ltd, a European company headquartered on the island of Cyprus. Our founding team includes experts in Product Development, Web Marketing, Traffic Generation and Conversion Rate Optimization.  John Socratous and Bill Zimmerman brought the vooPlayer team together in early 2011.
Copyright © 2011-2017 vooPlayer by IMW Enterprises. All rights reserved.

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