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STEP #1 of 4:
Configure Your Video Player & Add SMART Behaviors
Grab ANY video link from YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon S3, Dropbox or Your Server,
Copy & Paste it into vooPlayer and Turn It Into A Cash-Pulling Machine With A Few Clicks...
Customize & Supercharge Your Player
First, you specify where your video is hosted (or let us host it for you), then customize the color, size and controls of your video player. Make sure your video fits in with the design of your website. Your customizations will save to your video and automatically update on your site.

  • Your Own Logo & Branding - remove the logo or replace it with YOUR own logo. You can set your logo to be shown anywhere - or use no logo at all!
  • Mass import videos - if you're having hundreds (even thousands) of videos on your server, YouTube channel, vimeo or dropbox you can use this feature to import them all in vooPlayer with a single click.
  • And So Much More Including...
    The reason you spend money every time a new video player
    comes out is because none have everything you need...
until now!

Add Buy Button & Call-To-Action

How would you to have clickable buttons and links appear right INSIDE your videos and convert viewers into buyers while their watching your video without scrolling your site?

Add Opt-in Forms Inside Video

Any professional online marketer will tell you that building an email list is #1 for an online business.  Get more subscribers with forms right inside your video.

Share-To-Watch Social Gates

Get your videos to go viral and drive hordes of traffic to your web site! Lock your videos at just the right time and force people to share your video before they can continue watching...all while bringing YOU tons of free traffic.

Subscribe-To-Watch Opt-in Gates

Build your email list with this great feature.  The formula is simple...use any video your visitors will love and ask them to give you their email address so they continue watching.

Show Image Ad on Pause

When your visitors pause a video, you can show a clickable image ad or a coupon which can redirect them to any other page or video you want! A great feature for boosting your affiliate commissions.

Enable Smart Scrolling Pause

This ensure visitors don't miss a minute of your videos. Once your visitor scrolls at the point where your video is located. the video will start playing automatically... if he scrolls up, it will pause.

Auto-Play Video on Every Visit

Great for video salesletters or any time you want to grab the visitor and pull them into your video content right away!

Auto-Play Video on 1st Visit Only

Great for when you want to put your video on auto-play but don't want to annoy repeat visitors.

Enable or Disable Full Screen

Allow your visitors to absorb your content completely and fully by expanding your video to full screen. If your video is not produced in HD, just disable the full screen.

Disable Pause & Hide Controls

Another great feature for video salesletters.  This literally forces your visitor to watch the video, getting them through the entire sales process within the video content.

Social Sharing Buttons

Let your visitors spread your video on the 3 leading social media sharing sites: Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

Custom Elements

Add and show almost any custom element inside your video such as images, buttons, custom HTML, CSS, Javascript, . with a few clicks.
And When Viewers FINISH Watching Your Video..
Repeat video
Redirect viewer to URL
Show Image Ad
Show HTML code
Active Users So Far...
Video Players Created
Video Views Generated
Leads Captured
STEP #2:
Publish Your Video Anywhere!
All features are compatible on ANY platform including...

Embed on Your Own Site

Simply copy and paste the embed code onto any web page and reap the powerful features of vooPlayer. It works with any HTML/PHP pages as well as all page builders.

Easy Integration With Wordpress

Install our vooPlayer WordPress plugin and easily connect your vooPlayer account to any WordPress site, without any technical skills needed. Once connected, you can add videos with 1 click.

Create Viral & Lead-Generation Videos That Work On Facebook Newsfeed.

How would you like to capture leads and generate MASSIVE traffic from Facebook? Simply enable the Social & Opt-in Gate features and copy/paste your vooPlayer link in FB.
Unbounce Pages
ClickFunnels Pages
Plus more...
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STEP #3:
See Video Insights & Analytics In Real-Time
Like having X-Ray vision to see exactly how viewers react while they'rewatching your videos. 
Make better video content decisions & watch your profits and conversions soar.
Video Heatmaps & Viewing Trends
See which parts of the video has been watched, skipped, and rewatched
for each and every single viewer of your video.
Detailed Engagement Graph
Engagement Graphs show how the audience as a whole has viewed your video, whereas heatmaps show how an individual watched your video.
Summary Graph
All of your video data in ONE place
Views by Region
What type of audience do you attract?
Which metrics are performing & which are not?
Percentage Graph
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STEP #4:
A/B test your videos and see which one converts better.
Now you can let your customers decide what's best, while you avoid assumptions.
Test hundreds of videos in minutes!
Testing lets you find out which message your customers relate to best - giving you more insight and opportunity for revenue. Simply select 2 or more videos, click "Grab code", publish it on your web site and see which one performs better.

Test on your terms and timeline!
How and when do you want to define a winner?
Based on engagement, shares or opt-in conversions? Test based on a metric that's important to you.
Revenue now, deploy automatically!
When you find a winning video, vooPlayer will automatically show that one based on the ending date. you specified. Complete set-it-and-forget-it split testing.
Split test videos even on Facebook!
Unlike any other system, our intelligent split testing feature allows you to test videos within Facebook
There's no any system that does this!
Common Questions and Answers
Do I have to install anything?
No! We created vooPlayer so you wouldn't have to worry about upgrades, conflicts or need a whole I.T. department to publish your videos! Just login, start clicking, and you can publish, optimize and analyze all your videos from the members area.
Can I host the videos myself?
Yes! You have full control over your videos. You host your videos, we host the video player on our beast dedicated server
Does this work for Wordpress?
Yes it works with WordPress and ANY other platform you want to use it -- including Facebook, etc. Just copy/paste the special link or <iframe> code you'll be given and you're ready to go. We even provide you with a WP plugin too.
If I don't like vooPlayer, how do I cancel?
Simply login to your account, click on your account settings and click "cancel my account". No need to call, email, or talk to anyone!
Who owns the data / content / subscribers?
You do! Any content (including your users) is 100% owned by you. vooPlayer doesn't have permission to use that content or contact your users for any reason. vooPlayer is just a tool for YOU to publish and analyze YOUR videos!
Can you handle the load?
Yes! Because vooPlayer is hosted on the largest public cloud cluster in the world (powered by Amazon and backed up by CloudFlare Security + CDN) we have virtually unlimited ability to scale in real time. Whether you send 100 visitors or 100,000+ today, it won't slow us down!!
Start Your 3 Week Free Trial...
Get three full weeks to test drive vooPlayer in your business...

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